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Toronto and Districts Garden Club Inc      

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Application for Membership

Please complete the online form below and read the Privacy Statement. Tick the box if you agree with each statement. You may then pay the membership fee by EFT (details below) and hit the 'Submit Application Form' button.  

Privacy Statement:

  1. Toronto & Districts Garden Club Inc. (TDGC) will enter your name and contact details on the membership list.

  2. The membership list is held by the registrar and may be shown to members if requested.

  3. Your e-mail address will be used to provide you with the newsletter and club information from time to time.

  4. Your photo may be taken at club events and activities. Photos may appear in the newsletter or shown on screen during club meetings.

  5. We encourage members to join the facebook page to post photos of plants, not people, for privacy reasons.


Your privacy is important to us and will be respected. Please acknowledge the privacy statement above by indicating your permissions with a tick in the appropriate box below:

1. My contact details can be shared with other club members                         

2. Photos that may contain my image can be used in the newsletter             

3. Photos that may contain my image can be used on Facebook                  

Fees: The annual membership fee is $10.

Club badge:  You can order a name badge. The cost is $13 for a badge with a pin clasp or $15 for magnetic.

Fees/badge payment can be paid at the meeting or by by EFT to:

   Toronto and Districts Garden Club Inc.

   BSB: 650 000

   Account No: 985613804

When you hit the 'Submit Application Form' button below your application will be sent to the Membership Secretary  and you will be sent a confirmation email 


Thanks for joining the club

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